About us

This is Spry consultancy , a consultany firm having specialization in arena of financial services & HR services .We are well experienced & professionally managed team . Transparency & integrity are our core values .

Spry consultancy is a financial consulting firm whose principals have over 3 years experience in the corporate industry. Spry consultany provides specialized investment banking consulting services to private and public companies, furnishing clients with continuing access to the public financial markets. Flex works as a team with management to design a financial plan that compliments the client's business plan. By integrating financial and business plans, we provide timely and cost effective access to sources of financing. Spry performs specialized financial consulting and investment banking services for growth companies either going public or having recently completed a public offering. Flex works to develop a cost effective plan for going public. we will provide you with a financial plan that compliments your needs. For more information regarding HR, Financial & accounting , Financial Facilities, Advertisement consultancy as well as our other services, contact us today!